Last Monday, 5th February, the conference “Opportunities in the textile sector for people and […]
6/12/2023 Brussels. The event “Next4Fashion, Unlocking New Sustainable Pathways”, organised by the S4Fashion consortium […]
On 3 and 4 May, Adrian Noheda, Finnova’s Director of Innovation and Environment, attended […]
The Break Fellowship is a scholarship programme, worth over €7,000, funded by the European […]
The free online course on sustainability in the fashion sector for its internationalisation, which […]
– Under the COSME programme, CirCoAx by CircularInnobooster is holding an online webinar aimed […]
Juanma Revuelta, CEO of Finnova, partner foundation of the CirCoAX by CircularInnoBooster project, participated […]
The European project CirCoAX by CircularInnoBooster held an event on Wednesday 21 December with […]
The online event “Nextextilegeneration: Innovating in fashion and circular textiles” will take place next […]
Last Friday, 16th December, the European project CirCoAX by CircularInnoBooster was present at the […]
The Spanish startup Sepiia, a company that combines fashion and technology through cutting-edge technical […]
The need to promote sustainability in the textile sector and reduce the waste it […]
The European project CirCoAX by CircularInnoBooster participated in the European Week for Waste Reduction […]
This Thursday 24th of November from 14h00 to 18h00 CET, the initiative “Sustainability in […]
Circular economy and sustainability were the main topics of the conference. With the auditorium […]
On Saturday 22nd October at 18:30 WEST, CirCoAx by CircularInnoBooster and CirCoAX30 Reawaken will […]
The European project CirCoAX by CircularInnoBooster participated in the European Week of Regions and […]
The online event “#CirCoAX30: changemakers for regenerative textiles” will take place next Tuesday 11 […]
The Lithuanian Minister of Environment Simonas Gentvilas, representatives of Eurotex and professors from the […]
On 7 October, the United Nations commemorates World Cotton Day. The purpose of this […]
ADELANTE 2 is the European Union’s Triangular Cooperation Programme with Latin America and the […]
The webinar “Nextextilegeneration: integrating the SDGs in the fashion and textile industries” showcased ideas […]
The online webinar “Nextextilegeneration: integrating SDGs in the Fashion & Textile Industries” will take […]
Global warming is a combination of multiple factors, including the fashion industry and our […]
The European project CirCoAX by CircularInnoBooster with the Nextextilegeneration initiative managed by the Finnova […]
Every year on the 7th the United Nations commemorates the International day of clean […]
Next Monday, September 19, from 11:00 to 13:00, the event “Nextextilegeneration: Innovating in fashion […]
CirCoAX by CircularInnoBooster’s main concern is ensuring that different groups of people in the […]
In the Junior category the group “Make a Change” won with their application “Re […]
On August 12, The United Nations celebrates International youth day which advocates for the […]
    Every 15th July, the United Nations General Assembly celebrates World Youth Skills Day […]
Every 11 July, the United Nations commemorates World Population Day to raise awareness of […]
The Casa de la Seda in Barcelona was dressed in sustainable, circular and regenerative […]
Every June 17th the United Nations celebrates the World Day to Combat Desertification and […]
On Monday 30 May, innovation and sustainable entrepreneurship invaded the Istituto Europeo Di Design […]
On 9 May, the Member States of the European Union celebrate Europe Day. This […]
Every 26 of April we celebrate the World Intellectual Property Day and this year […]
This week we celebrate creativity and the imagination of entrepreneurs who are innovating the […]
City, Neighbourhood, Village: Three city models will showcase a fashion that will transform the […]
Every April, the United Nations celebrates the International Day of Conscience, on which we […]
The European Commission has put forward the EU Strategy for Sustainable and Circular Textiles. This is […]
WIPO GREEN and the Intellectual Property for Business Division will jointly organize an Intellectual […]
This week, we celebrate three important days for the health of our planet; World […]
The 30 selected transnational partnerships will receive funding, mentoring, visibility and training for 8 […]
CirCoAx is the collaborative and cooperative circular co-design accelerator of CircularInnoBooster Fashion and Textile, […]
The CircularInnoBooster project and its accelerator is presented in Brussels at a debate on […]
The COSME CircularInnoBooster project announces the 30 candidates selected to take part in the […]
Today, Friday 4 February, the United Nations celebrates the International Day of Human Fraternity […]
February 2 marks World Wetlands Day. This 2022 will be established as an official international day […]
The Madrid International Tourism Trade Fair (FITUR), held from 19 to 23 January 2022, […]
To implement the new model of the textile and fashion industry, the CircularInnoBooster project […]
La Feria Internacional de Turismo de Madrid (FITUR), celebrada este 2022 durante los días […]
The CircularInnoBooster project supports the European Year of Youth by recognizing their role in […]
This 2022 arrives as a turning point to achieve the goals of the European Green […]
Madrid, December 21 – Last Tuesday 21 December, the facilities of the Istituto Europeo […]
Brussels, 10.12.2021 – Today, Friday 10 December, the United Nations celebrates World Human Rights […]
The World Circular Economy Forum is a global initiative, which hosts parallel events throughout […]
The European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR) will take place from 20 to 28 […]
The European project CircularInnoBooster and its accelerator CirCoAX were present at COP26.Spanish company DeleiteWear […]
Brussels, 1.11.2021 – The most important international summit – COP26 – has kicked off […]
Brussels, 24.10.2021 – Today, 24 October, we celebrate the 76 th anniversary of the […]
Brussels, 18.10.2021 – The European project entitled ‘CircularInnoBooster’ and its accelerator CirCoAX reaffirm their […]
Brussels, 4.10.2021 – Today, Monday 4 October, is World Animal Day, an initiative promoted […]
The European Commission is committed to supporting a more sustainable industry to facilitate the transition towards […]
The climate activist says that the last piece of new clothing she bought was […]
INFO DAY: Open call for the European accelerator CirCoAX, which will scale SMEs in […]
Digital technology will enable the apparel industry to address its damaging environmental impact, says […]
Whether the new decade starts in January 2020 or January 2021, one thing about it is clear – it will need to be a decade of reconfiguration and transformation for business, governments and indeed human civilization as a whole.
Increasingly, expectations concerning responsible consumption are rising among online shoppers.
The use of second-hand clothing is gradually becoming established in the dressing room of French consumers.
We’ve all heard about sustainable fashion, but the term “regenerative fashion” is also interesting […]
Today, Saturday, June 5, is World Environment Day, which advocates environmental action and the […]
06.04.2021. The COSME project CircularInnoBooster and its accelerator for SMEs CirCoAX will be presented […]
06.04.2021. The COSME project CircularInnoBooster and its accelerator for SMEs CirCoAX will be presented […]