The CircularInnoBooster project supports the European Year of Youth by recognizing their role in the sustainable transformation of the fashion and textile industry.

The European Commission has decided that 2022 will be a year dedicated to young people. After a long period of uncertainty in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, issues as significant as caring for our planet, digitization and inclusion have come to the fore. The European Union recognizes the impact that the situation has had on young people. It wants to compensate for their resilience and give space to the voices of a generation that will be key to upholding the principles of the Union.

CircularInnoBooster is committed to a change in the fashion and textile industry in which young people play an active role. For our COSME project, the synergy between generations facilitates the transmission of knowledge and more sustainable means of production. By supporting generational change, we encourage the convergence of traditional, more artisanal practices with new, more modern production methods, favouring the digitalization of the sector. These values are materialized through our CirCoAX accelerator.

The vision and drive of our young people are needed to effect change. A much more internationalized generation, sharing the common EU project, can contribute to closer ties with other countries, revitalizing a sector which, despite employing a significant percentage of the European workforce, is losing its productive capacity to imports.

To achieve this goal, tools such as education, training, financial support or mobility opportunities, among others, are needed. Thanks to European projects such as CircularInnoBooster, it is possible for young people to have the representation and positioning they deserve.