CircularInnoBooster Fashion and Textile (F&T) is a COSME project of the European Union that aims to transform companies in the fashion and textile industry into sustainable, circular, and regenerative ones . With a 2-year duration, it has a budget of € 1,128,000, co-financed by the European Commission in a 75%. The project is composed of an international consortium led by the European Institute of Design (IED), together with Texfor, Circulab, Finnova and The Circular Project with HumanNation.

The project applies a progressive and innovative approach, taking into account a holistic and systemic perspective of the circular economy based on regenerative business design principles, human process designs and community participation models. The aim is to use circularity in its broadest sense, balancing the environmental, social and economic dimensions.

It presents a cross-border perspective to implement interregional cooperation, assisting companies in knowledge transfer and best practices of sustainable and circular fashion and textiles.

CircularInnoBooster focuses on diverse participants, from freelance professionals of the industry to innovative start-ups and SMEs that want to transform their companies. CircularInnoBooster relies on leading industry experts to organize capacity development and support activities for SMEs, designers and start-up companies in the fashion industry . The goal is to cover the entire value chain from raw material to the final product, including its use once its useful life has concluded, closing the circle of the value chain. The circular design is both innovative and demand-driven, engaging community advisory groups to co-create and participate in project outcomes. This way, companies become innovative, drive the emerging market and create the new sustainable fashion and textile economy.

To achieve this goal, CircularInnoBooster will launch CirCoAX, the circular collaborative and cooperative co-design accelerator . It will provide expert mentors and a business support scheme, including technical and financial support, to help participating partners in the emerging expansion of innovative applications, products, processes, new models, new brand building strategies or sustainable circular fashion and textile concepts.